The GPS Vehicle Tracking System that Helps Your Company Save Time and Cost.

With the Skytrack GPS Vehicle Tracking System, companies can now enjoy a highly cost-effective and comprehensive vehicle tracking solution that will allow managers and supervisors to gain better control of assets and employees, work smarter and reap higher cost savings for your company.

Benefits of Skytrack GPS Tracking Sytem

a. Monitor vehicle utilization status
b. Track fuel consumption.
c. Reduce vehicle maintenance cost
d. Monitor you vehicle daily operation
e. Increase customer srvice satisfaction levels
e. Eliminate unnecessary overtime costs by lowering incidences of abuse

Key function at a glance

a. 10 second industry leading GPS Tracking
b. History playbacks with 3 month back dated data.
c. Landmarks and Geofencing
d. Comprehensive data and fuel readings (Fuel, temperature, and other sensor readings)
e. RFID system
e. Camera

Come join and subscribe with us and start monitor your vehicle with ease

With only a tracking unit installed on your vehicles for and affordable one-time fee ad a monthly substitution, which includes the cost of network and data plan, Skytrack GPS Vehicle Tracking System is definitely a worthwhile investment for your company.